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Calculus with Applications I

Fall 2018

This course consists of a study of the elementary functions, limits, the derivative and its applications, the definite integral and its applications, as well as techniques of integration. Applications are presented primarily from biology, business, and the social sciences. The course does begin will a brief review of algebra and precalculus.

Further Information

Help is Available

  • The math tutors will be available in W209, at the other end of the hall from my office in the West Wing of the Dupre Science Pavilion. Look for the room with several computers in it that is in the math department area.
  • The CIS Department Lab Schedule shows when that lab, located in Dupre W214, is available (as a possible place to do your Mathematica homework). If there is a name in a time slot, that person is the CIS tutor. That indicates that the lab is open and available.
  • See Br. David's schedule for office hours, other times he might be available, etc.

Studying and Homework

  • Take a few minutes to watch these short videos: How to Study by cognitive psychogist Stephen Chew. It could help you in this class and others!
  • Homework assignments will be posted in Schoology and in many cases will direct you to the WeBWorK online mathematical homework system.
  • Log into Schoology and the WeBWorK system after each class to see what homework sets you have due soon.


Information on exams, such as when they will be and what they will cover, will be posted in Schoology.

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

Maintained by: Br. David Carlson
Last updated: August 31, 2018