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ASP .NET Web Apps

Using Visual Basic .NET 2005

These web pages hope to show how to use ASP .NET to easily create web applications, especially those that provide a front-end to a database. Visual Basic .NET 2005 will be used as the programming language. An older Visual Basic .NET 2003 version of these webpages is also available, but is no longer maintained.

Most of the examples assume that you are already familiar with introductory programming in a language that is at least similar to Visual Basic. The examples that manipulate a database assume that you already know basic database concepts, such as what tables and queries are. The database examples use SQL Server 2005 but a background in Access, Oracle, or similar should be sufficient.

Table of Contents

  1. Introductory Examples
    1. A Simple Web App
    2. A Web App with Text Boxes and Buttons
    3. A Web App with a Calculation Procedure
    4. A Web App with a Drop-Down List
  2. Web Apps that are Front-ends to a Database
    1. A Web App that Gets Data from a Database
    2. Using VB Code to Create the Same Web App
    3. A Database/Web App with User Input
    4. Maintaining Session State Information
    5. Type and Range Example
    6. Online Survey Requiring Login
      Includes login/logout and inserting of data into a table.
  3. E-commerce Web Apps
    1. Simple E-commerce App 1
      User selects a product from a drop-down list.
    2. Simple E-commerce App 2
      Add search functionality and paging of the results in a GridView.
    3. Larger E-commerce App 1
      Groups products by category, uses a web service, suggests improvements.
    4. Larger E-commerce App 2
      Adds product attributes, shopping cart, checkout process.
  4. Search CIS Dept Web Pages
    Can be used to search for specific ASP .NET programming items.
Author: Br. David Carlson
Last updated: November 30, 2008