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Web Technologies

Fall 2013

This course concerns itself with web technologies used for ecommerce. This involves web applications that access a database, especially web apps that are online stores with the usual shopping cart, check out process, etc. The course begins by looking at simple web pages created with Visual Studio 2012 (and ASP.NET 4.0 and 4.5). Although Visual Studio allows coding to be done in either C# or VB, this course uses VB. For the database, we will SQL Server 2012. During the course, we will learn how to maintain session state information in a web application, how to validate user input and other techniques to reduce the possibility of successful hacking techniques against the website, how to use modern ways to access data from a database (such as the Entity Framework and LINQ), etc. The main goal of the course is to have each student create a fairly complete, but small, online store application.

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Note on Flu

Because of the possibility of the flu affecting us on campus, please practice good hand washing, etc. If you get the flu, please notify me by phone or e-mail and stay home for 24 hours after the fever has gone. Check with me about what you miss. You will not be penalized for missing class in this situtation. It is better to stay away from class and not spread the flu when you are ill.


  • Homework 0 due anytime Fri, Aug 30
  • Read the Introduction section of the text for Wed, Aug 28.
  • Read Ch 1 by Sept 6.
  • Read Ch 2 by Sept 13.
  • For Fri, Sept 13, create the calculator app outlined in A Basic Calculator, but add an IF statement to deal with divide by zero errors. You could have it put "Divide by zero error" or similar into the answer textbox. That is more understandable than an answer of infinity. Be sure that your application is on your W (web) drive, so that I can see it. It is due anytime on Sept 13.
  • On Fri, Sept 15, there will be a short quiz. It will be closed notes, closed book, no computer assistance. For the rest of class, start working on the first database-related web application. Email me about any complications you encounter that you cannot solve.
  • For Wed, Sept 18, finish your Quick.aspx database-related web app. Be sure that it works on the web server.
  • For Fri, Sept 20, skim through chapters 3 and 7 to see what is useful to you.
  • For Mon, Sept 23, finish the Display.aspx database-related web app. Again, be sure that it works on
  • For Fri, Sept 27, finish the stored procedure database-related web app. It, too, should run on Since it asks you to modify Display.aspx from the previous homework, which has not yet been graded, copy your entire website folder and work on that copy for the stored procedure homework.
  • For Fri, Sept 27, also read about the validation controls in ch 4 as we will be using them soon.
  • For Wed, Oct 2, do the first entity framework web app.
  • For Fri, Oct 4, read Ch 21, especially the part about using InProc SessionState.
  • For Mon, Oct 7, do the second entity framework web app. This one will add the use of validators.
  • For the week of Oct 7, read Ch 29 on the Entity Framework.
  • For Fri, Oct 11, do the third entity framework web app. Now delayed until Fri, Oct 18.
  • Read chapter 20, especially the first half on how to handle authentication and authorization.
  • For Wed, Oct 23, do the web app about maintaining session state.
  • For Wed, Oct 30, so the homework on requiring login. You only need to turn in the final one of the 3 web apps described there. The first 2 are fairly short.
  • For Mon, Nov 4, complete the web app showing how to do insert, update, and delete.
  • For Mon, Nov 11, do the first ecommerce app. You will need to read at least the first part of chapter 5 on master pages.
  • For Fri, Nov 15, do the enhancement to the previous web app. See these directions for the second ecommerce app. The main new items added are search functionality and the paging of the results in a GridView.
  • For Thurs, Nov 21, complete the car store 1 ecommerce app. We will add more to this later, such as a shopping cart, as this is our last and biggest project. Note the revised due date.
  • Tentative due date for store 2: Mon, Nov 25.
  • Tentative due date for store 3: Fri, Dec 6, the last day of classes.
  • Remember that this last project counts as 30% of the course grade. This project grade will be found as the average of the 3 car store homeworks. Your presentation on this project (and any improvements you made to it) during our final exam period counts as another 10% The date is Tue, Dec 10 at 11:00 am.
  • If you are adding your improvements to store 3, copy the website folder (say to Store4), and add your improvements to that copy. This gives you a way out if some improvement messes things up, as you can always copy store 3 again. However, if you have been incorporating improvements as you did store 2 and store 3, it is fine to leave the improvements in store 3 and not have a store 4.

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

Maintained by: Br. David Carlson
Last updated: December 08, 2019