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Computing & Information Science I

This course provides an introduction to problem solving and beginning computer programming in C++. Topics include algorithms, program structure, variables and data types, input/output, limitations and security problems with numbers and strings on a computer, functions and parameters, local variables, modularity and top-down design, testing and debugging, control structures, 1-dimensional arrays, and text files. Although the course primarily uses Windows console applications, there will be some two-dimensional graphics applications and at least one Windows forms application. The course concentrates on procedural programming in C++, though some use of objects and classes (but not the creation of user-defined classes) is included. The study of C++ programming is continued in the follow-up course CS 111, which concentrates on object-oriented programming.

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Because of the possibility of the flu affecting us on campus, please practice good hand washing, etc. If you get the flu, please notify me by phone or e-mail and stay home for 24 hours after the fever has gone. Check with me about what you miss. You will not be penalized for missing class in this situtation. It is better to stay away from class and not spread the flu when you are ill.

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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