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Software Design Using C++

Introduction to Windows Forms Applications

Visual Studio .NET allows you to create what is called a Windows Forms Application. This can be a quick way to produce a Windows application with a graphical user interface. Elsewhere in these web pages we have mostly been using console applications, which have a simple text mode interface. The Windows Forms Applications can be more interesting and also more friendly to use, but we will have to expend a little more effort to set them up. In this section we only look at a Windows Forms App for which we don't have to write any code at all!

Another way to create a Windows application with a graphical user interface is to use the Visual C++ AppWizard. Windows forms apps are a newer and somewhat easier way to do this type of thing.

The example in this section was created with Visual Studio 2008, though it probably works in a similar way in other recent version of Visual Studio.


  • Example
    Displays a calendar and an image.

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Author: Br. David Carlson with contributions by Br. Isidore Minerd
Last updated: December 05, 2009