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Software Design Using C++

Advanced Windows Forms Applications

Visual Studio .NET allows you to create what is called a Windows Forms Application. This can be a quick way to produce a Windows application with a graphical user interface. Elsewhere in these web pages we have mostly been using console applications, which have a simple text mode interface. The Windows Forms Applications can be more interesting and also more friendly to use, but we will have to expend a little more effort to set them up. This section contains Windows Forms Apps with more complex coding than that found in the Intermediate section.

All of the examples in this section and the two related sections were created and tested with Visual Studio .NET 2003. They should also work in Visual Studio .NET 2005.


  • First Example
    Adds exception handling to a previous example.
  • Second Example
    Introduces the ListView control and shows how to format numbers to use a certain number of decimal places.
  • Third Example
    Puts multiple lines of data in a text box, introduces enumerators.
  • Fourth Example
    Uses a scroll bar to look through cars at Larry's Car Lot matching your price range.
  • Fifth Example
    Uses a ListView to display a small hash table and to show what happens as inserts, deletes, and lookups are done.
  • Sixth Example
    Uses a TreeView to display a binary search tree as you add strings to it one-by-one.

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Author: Br. David Carlson with contributions by Br. Isidore Minerd
Last updated: August 27, 2009