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Shauna Policicchio

Why Choose Computing?

Student Projects - Shauna Policicchio

Before Shauna’s project, the Chemistry Department for the Boyer School at Saint Vincent College lacked a digital inventory monitoring system. The paper system that was previously in place tracked the chemicals that were most recently checked out, but did not allow for tracking the total amount of a chemical in the inventory. Shauna’s solution to this problem included a computerized database inventory system that assigns a unique number to each bottle of chemicals. When the bottle is added to the inventory, a label is printed containing a barcode of the chemical’s unique number. Then the barcode scanner may be used in conjunction with the proposed database inventory system to track bottles of chemicals that are checked in or out.

Shauna’s system is implemented in a combination of PHP, HTML, and javascript using Windows Apache MySQL PHP Server to allow the product to run locally in the browser of a machine.