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Joseph Gray

Why Choose Computing?

Student Projects - Joseph Gray

For Joseph’s senior project, he chose to create a Google Chrome browser extension. This extension performed content filtering on webpages, and supported filtering both text and images, although not videos and not content that was dynamically generated. He spent the first semester of his senior year learning JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and how to organize, create, and package a Chrome extension. His second semester was spent applying what he had taught himself in order to implement the extension.

The extension was implemented in three main parts: an Options Page written in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, a Background script that was entirely JavaScript, and what is called the Content Script, which is JavaScript injected into webpages that the user views. In the content script, various functions were implemented to perform the required tasks to filter out the content that the user has specified in the options page. The background script existed to allow the content script on each webpage access to the options so that the script could filter the appropriate content. At the end of the semester, Joseph posted this extension to the Chrome store under the name: Web Cleaner.