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Meet Our Alumni - Rob DiVincenzo

Interactive Developer at Point To Point, Inc.

Rob DiVincenzo

Who are you and what do you do?

I'm Rob DiVincenzo, a Saint Vincent graduate from the class of 2011. My hobbies include traveling, professional sports, table-top / video games, acting, making videos, and my faith. Since graduation, I've lived in Pennsylvania, moved to Orlando living next door to Walt Disney World Resort, and then back to my hometown area of Northeast Ohio. I continue to stay active with pickup basketball, summer league softball, ultimate frisbee, and lifting. I've performed in the Encore Choir at Disney's Hollywood Studios and am a competitive League of Legends player.

What do you do for a living?

I'm an Interactive Developer for Point To Point, Inc. a marketing agency in Cleveland, OH. Professionally I've build web applications for government agencies (Department of Defense and National Park Service), websites for the second largest university in the country (University of Central Florida), and I am currently assisting in marketing campaigns for large companies including one Fortune 500 Company (Sherwin Williams). Personally, I've begun venturing with my own web development company, serving as a tech lead in an NFC technology startup, and am completing my graduate certificate in Project Engineering from UCF.

Describe your typical work week

I work the typical 40 hour workweek, 9-5 at Point To Point. At work I use a Macbook Pro, MAMP, Sublime Text 2, Coda for FTP, and Git for version control every day. Other software may include typical agency necessities like Word, Excel, Photoshop, and web browsers. I handle all web related coding that comes through the door. So far I’ve been working with typical HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, and Wordpress setups. The weirdest I've used is Ruby to fixed bugs in our RubyMotion iOS app, and I’ve had to deal with Apple's App store. I'll put in a few hours every week to my personal endeavors where I've used Windows with Eclipse to develop. I've used Java with the Android SDK, Wordpress (a lot), Laravel PHP framework (a lot), and LAMP (I work on this stack all the time).

What CIS class or classes do you feel benefited you the most?

I feel like the two introductory CIS classes and my internship were most beneficial. From the introductory C++ classes, I learned the correct way to program. After learning the thought processes as well as the techniques (variables, loops, functions, classes, etc.) I found picking up PHP in my internship pretty easy. There I got the real-world experience that I needed to put what I learned in classes to use. From jumping into ColdFusion and around Ruby, I know that if you correctly learn your programming fundamentals, many of the common problems are just a case of Googling the syntax to solve.