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Meet Our Alumni - Brendan Bartko

Database Administrator at EDMC (Education Management Cooperation)

Brendan Bartko

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Brendan Bartko. I am a Saint Vincent graduate as of 2012. Currently, I am a database administrator for EDMC. I like to spend my spare time hanging out with my girlfriend or making beer with my dad.

Describe your typical work week.

I drive out to Robinson Township from North Huntingdon (about 1.25 hours with moderate traffic) to work with Microsoft Sql Server. I spend most days working on converting a CARS system (like we had at Saint Vincent for many years) to MyCampusPortal or implementing database changes. Everyone few weeks I do on-call work and deal with priority issues like adjusting backups or determining the cause of a failed job when the typical work-day is over.

What CIS class or classes do you feel benefited you the most?

The courses that benefitted me the most were the Intro C++ course (for CIS basics) and the Software Engineering course with the team project. I feel that these were most important because they taught me how to learn skills on my own.