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Dr. Anthony Serapiglia

Associate Professor and Chairperson of Computing and Information Systems

Dr. Anthony Serapiglia

General Information

Office: Dupre W215

Phone: (724) 805-2421


Dr. Anthony Serapiglia joined the St. Vincent Faculty as Assistant Professor of Computing and Information Science (now Systems) in 2011 following completion of his Doctor of Science degree from Robert Morris University and publication of his Thesis, “Augmenting Communication Channels Outside of the Classroom: Online Chat for Virtual Office Hours” which focused on the integration of new computer based communication technology to expand the traditional classroom environment.

With 15+ years of work experience, Dr. Serapiglia brings a wealth of industry perspective to the Computer and Information Systems department. He has held positions ranging from the first Webmaster for PittsburghLIVE and the Tribune Review publishing company, Lead Systems Administrator for Microsoft Systems for Nauticom Internet Services, and, and most recently he had been the head systems architect and project manager for a regional managed services provider. He has also experience servicing the computing needs of the oil drilling, payment processing, health care, legal, and manufacturing industries.

Dr. Serapiglia is a true believer in the values of a Liberal Arts education and continues to sponsor and host a yearly panel symposium comprised of a diverse group of professors from various disciplines on campus. The purpose of these events is to discuss topics that have multiple viewpoints and to encourage students to appreciate diversity of thought. Previous topics have included: “The co-existence of Faith and Reason at a Catholic Benedictine Liberal Arts College”, “Knowledge - What does it mean to you? Your Discipline? Your Faith?” and “What is a Liberal Arts education and how is it different at St Vincent College?”

Dr. Serapiglia earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Allegheny College with a minor in Education. His other interests include Baseball, Formula One, Jazz, and old movies. He has also been a Master of Ceremonies for the Pittsburgh Irish Festival since 1995.

Current Courses Spring

  • CS102 - Fundamentals of IT and Computing
  • CS267 - Cloud Foundations
  • CS326 - Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • CS351 - Information Systems Analysis and Design

Previous Courses

  • CS101 - Survey of Computers and Computing
  • CS106 - Linux System Administration
  • CS110 - Computing and Information Science I
  • CS125 - Fundmentals of Cybersecurity
  • CS225 - Cybersecurity
  • CS226 - Mobile Forensics
  • CS265 - Information Systems Management
  • CS321 - Data Communications and Computer Networks
  • CS322 - Advanced Networking
  • CS325 - Advanced Topics in Security
  • NSCI255 - The Science of Computing