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CS 330 Home Page

Operating Systems

Spring 2024

This page is left here to show what used to be taught in this course, which was named Computer Architecture & Operating Systems and covered both topics. The course is now named simply Operating Systems and covers only the operating systems topic (other than a brief overview of architecture topics). There is a separate course on computer architecture (computer organization), CS 335.

This course covers basic computer hardware, processes, CPU scheduling, virtual memory and main memory management, caching, interrupts, processes and threads, system calls, synchronization, I/O, deadlock, disk scheduling, real time scheduling, operating systems security, file systems, interprocess communications, multiprocessor systems, storage management, virtualization, the user interface, and performance. In addition, it uses Linux as a case study, emphasizing system administration tasks, Linux utilities, pipes, and bash scripts. Prerequisite: CS 335. Offered spring semester. Three credits.

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Here's an illustration of integer wrap-around.
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Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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Last updated: January 27, 2024