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WSH References

Windows Script Host (WSH) has many capabilities beyond what is shown in this set of web pages. Besides, these web pages do not give a detailed presentation of the syntax of VBScript and do not present JScript at all. Instead, the approach here has been to present some simple, but useful examples in VBScript that show some of the key tasks that can be handled. Hopefully, this quick introduction will encourage the reader to dig further into the capabilities of WSH. Before giving the references, it might be helpful to list some of the important WSH topics that are not covered in this web page introduction to WSH.

VBScript Topics Not Covered

  • Detailed syntax, program control, and language specifications
  • List of available objects and functions (for example, the text manipulation functions)
  • Arrays (both static and dynamic)
  • User-defined classes
  • Working with times and dates
  • Using a dictionary object (a great way to store and retrieve keyed data)
  • Database manipulation using WSH
  • Email (You can email a Word or Excel file as an attachment, your script can manipulate Outlook, and you can send and receive email using CDO, Collaborative Data Objects.)

Web Sites Related to WSH

Books on WSH

  • Aitken, Peter G., Windows Script Host, Prentice Hall PTR (2001). (This book gives examples in both VBScript and JScript.)
  • Fredell, Thomas et al., Sams Teach Yourself Windows Script Host in 21 Days, Sams (1999).

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Author: Br. David Carlson
Last updated: August 16, 2007