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Unix Text Editors

  • Our server runs the easy-to-use ted editor. The main limitation of this editor is that it can only handle up to 80 characters per line. Note that to use it, your communications software must be set up to properly handle the function keys and other special keys, so this one is probably not for you.
    Syntax: ted FILENAME
    Once in ted, press F1 for help.
  • Information on the emacs editor:
  • Information on the vi editor, which is available on pretty much every Unix and Linux computer. However, it is a modal editor so that you always have to be aware whether you are in insert mode, command mode, etc. This makes it somewhat hard to use for beginners.
  • nano is a fairly easy to use text editor on our server.
    • Start by reading its man page on the server itself: man nano
    • GNU nano homepage offers an overview, documentation, etc.
Author: Br. David Carlson
Last updated: January 11, 2017