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Software Design Using C++

Review of Loop Patterns

Answering the Question

Remember that we are trying to rewrite the test program so that the program now has the user interactively enter a list of items to buy. For each item to be purchased, the program should prompt the user to enter the unit price and the number of units of this item to buy. The program should output the cost for each type of item and, at the end, the total cost.

You selected the menu-controlled loop plan, shown in outline below. This does not match the problem description above since the description does not call for a menu. Go back and try again.

   cin >> Choice;
   if (Choice == 'a')
   else if (Choice == 'b')
   else if (Choice == 'c')
   else if (Choice != 'q')
      cout << "Invalid choice" << endl;
while (Choice != 'q');

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Author: Br. David Carlson with contributions by Br. Isidore Minerd
Last updated: January 15, 2013