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Software Design Using C++

Review of Functions and Parameters

Answering the Question

Your rewrite of the CalculateCost function was as follows. In addition, you selected Answer D, also shown below, for your rewrite of the Results function. Although this version correctly sets up TotalCost as a reference parameter so as to send the updated value back, it fails to call CalculateCost correctly. Note that CalculateCost is supposed to have 2 parameters, not 3, and returns a value in the function name (which the code inside of Results has ignored). Go back and try this part again.

float CalculateCost(float Price, int NumPurchased)
   float TempCost;

   TempCost = Price * NumPurchased;
   if (TempCost > 80.0)
      TempCost = TempCost - 5.0;

   return TempCost;

void Results(float Price, int NumPurchased, float & TotalCost)
   float Cost;

   CalculateCost(Price, NumPurchased, Cost);
   TotalCost = TotalCost + Cost;
   cout << "Unit price: " << Price << "   Number purchased: "
      << NumPurchased << "   Cost: " << Cost << endl << endl;

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Author: Br. David Carlson with contributions by Br. Isidore Minerd
Last updated: January 15, 2013