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Introduction to Engineering Computation

Spring 2019

This course is designed for engineering science majors and students in the 3:2 engineering program. Students will learn the basics of how to use the MATLAB software package as a tool for calculation, crunching data, visualization, and problem solving, especially in engineeering. The skills learned in this course are intended to serve as tools to make problems in engineering and related technical fields easier to solve. Students should attempt to incorporate MATLAB expertise into their problem-solving strategies in their other engineering courses. No programming experience is necessary to enroll in the course, but students should be familiar with basic calculus (calculus I), hence the MA 111 prerequisite. This course covers most of chapters 1 - 10, plus chapters 13 and 14. Students might want to use something in the other chapters when working on their final project.

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Studying and Homework

  • Take a few minutes to watch these short videos: How to Study by cognitive psychogist Stephen Chew. It could help you in this class and others!
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Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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