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Server-Side Programming

Fall 2018

This course concentrates on designing, writing, installing, and configuring software for Linux and Windows servers. Likely languages to be used include C++, PowerShell, Node.js, and bash. Server-based software projects often provide a service that many users can access simultaneously, often over the network. This software might do powerful things like change the permissions for all users, create a batch of computer accounts, do some processing on the server's web pages, make changes to lock down the server, provide users with diagnostic information, implement a web app, etc. An added challenge is that some of this software has no user interface. Instead, it interacts with other software or files, whether on the original server or on a different one. Successful completion of the course will include accomplishment of a number of such projects. The course also uses git for version control and project management.

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Studying and Projects

  • Take a few minutes to watch these short videos: How to Study by cognitive psychogist Stephen Chew. It could help you in this class and others!
  • Software project assignments will be posted in Schoology.

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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Last updated: August 19, 2018