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Discrete Structures

Fall 2023

This course is an introduction to the topics in discrete mathematics that are of particular use in computing. Discrete mathematics is especially concerned with counting techniques and finite or infinite sets of integers (discrete numbers), instead of a continuous range of numbers (such as the real numbers used in calculus). Topics to be covered include logic, sets, functions, simple proof techniques, algorithms, counting techniques, basics of graphs and trees, finite state machines, parsing, and grammars.

Further Information

Studying and Homework

  • Take a few minutes to watch these short videos: How to Study by cognitive psychogist Stephen Chew. It could help you in this class and others!
  • Homework assignments will be posted in Schoology and in many cases will direct you to the WeBWorK online mathematical homework system.
  • Log into Schoology and the WeBWorK system after each class to see what homework sets you have due soon.


Information on exams, such as when they will be and what they will cover, will be posted in Schoology.

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

Maintained by: Br. David Carlson
Last updated: August 23, 2023