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Discrete Structures II

Spring 2016

This course continues the study of discrete mathematics which was begun in CS 170. The mathematical and theoretical foundations of computer science are emphasized. Topics to be covered include proofs of program correctness, running time analysis, computability theory (and Turing machines), complexity theory (including the classes P, NP, etc.), more on grammars & parsing, push-down automata, number theory & encryption, and counting techniques (especially recurrence relations and generating functions). Important fundamental questions will be answered, such as whether all functions are computable. Optional topics might be added as time allows, such as the connection between Prolog and predicate logic (e.g. the resolution principle). In spite of the emphasis on theory, the goal is to show how this theory is used in practical applications in computer science. The practical applications that are emphasized include aspects of the design of parsers and compilers, solving the travelling salesperson problem, how to find and compare the computational complexity of various algorithms, and how to show that critical software is correct. The implications for practical computing of unsolvable problems (such as the general halting problem) and problems with bad computational complexity are also considered.

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Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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