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Calculus I

Fall 2014

This course consists of a study of the elementary functions, limits, the derivative and its applications, the definite integral and its applications, as well as techniques of integration. Applications are presented primarily from biology, business, and the social sciences. The course does begin will a brief review of algebra and precalculus.

The models of TI calculators not allowed in this course tend to be the more expensive ones, such as the TI-89. These do symbolic (exact) algebra and calculus. Any calculator that does exact differentiation and integration is not allowed to be used on the quizzes and exams in this course. We want you to solve these problems, not the calculator!

Further Information


  • Take a few minutes to watch these short videos: How to Study by cognitive psychogist Stephen Chew. It could help you in this class and others!


  • First exam
  • Second exam
  • Third exam
  • Final exam

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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Last updated: September 17, 2016