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Introduction to Engineering Computation

Spring 2017

This course is designed for students enrolled in the Engineering Science degree at St. Vincent College. We will be learning the basics of how to use the MATLAB software package as a tool for calculation, data processing, visualization, and problem solving. The skills learned in this course are intended to serve as tools to make problems in engineering and other technical fields easier to solve, and students should attempt to incorporate MATLAB expertise into their problem-solving strategies in other courses. No programming experience is necessary to enroll in the course, but students should be familiar with basic calculus.

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Note on Flu

Because of the possibility of the flu affecting us on campus, please practice good hand washing, etc. If a doctor will prescribe Tamiflu or similar for you, it is said that it reduces the length and the severity of the flu. If you get the flu, please notify me by phone or e-mail and stay home for 24 hours after the symptoms are over. Check with me about what you miss. You will not be penalized for missing class in this situtation. It is better to stay away from class and not spread the flu when you are ill.

Homework and Announcements

  • Homework will be posted in Schoology.


  • Midterm Exam
    • Tue, Mar 21
  • Cumulative Final Exam
    • Tues, May 9, 8:30 am - 10:30 am

Instructor: Br. David Carlson

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